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Just what I was wondering two years ago, if I can’t find a picture on Google, can I draw it – now the answer is yesšŸ˜€

Unofficial Google ImageĀ Search by DrawingĀ lets you draw a picture, drag and drop a photo from your computer, or take a picture. It then searches the web for similar-looking images.

Nice, nicešŸ˜€

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Facebook for companies

I discovered 2 tools that act as an intranet for companies.

The first one is Google tools for business.

Secondly is NationalField, that acts as an internal Facebook for a particular company. It is also a startup that was born during the Obama campaign for presidency by the person that ran it.

more about this here.

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Bumpy agriculture in Romania

2011 was a year with great results for agriculture- +3% in GDP. 2012 is a bumpy one. Out in the field many have grown rapeseed instead of grain or corn for its immediate results. It is the first one to be harvested and you can reinvest the profit in harvesting other crops. Moreover, the profit is way bigger – 500 euros for a tone of rapeseed and 200 for a tone of grain.

But if the salvation comes for God and not from the irrigation system, so the weather messed if the farmes plans. I recently went to a farm where 50 hectares were cultivated with rapeseed – but because of the drought and little snowing, the plants were only 2 cm not 15. The result: almost 90% is lost. Judging that they plantes rapeseed on almost 182.000 hectare..the loss is estimated at 250 millions of euros.

Maybe with the recent snow ..maybe they will save smtg.

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The Economist is more and more plastic about Romania..

“POLENTA doesn’t explode”Ā is the gnomic phrase Romanians use to describe the attitude of resigned acceptance typical to the country.


THEY have been called “worms”, “violent and inept slum-dwellers”, and “suckers”. And yet hundreds of them, exasperated about austerity measures, political incompetence and lack of public consultation over laws, keep coming out on to the freezing winter streets of Bucharest and other Romanian cities to urge the president and government to resign.

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When the results in agriculture come from God

Romania is an agricultural country where 55% of the inhabitans still live in the countryside. No matter the fact that many of the young people have left years ago for a better life abroad, there are old people that have left their land in ruin. Most of them have a cow, a pig and dispersed land where they grow, in the better case, cereales. They are not united and rely on God for rain. And they aren’t few. 3 quarter of the Romanian farms are producing for their own consumption.

What I wonder is, giving the fact that is hasn’t rained in the last months, if instead of looking at the sky the solution isn’t a organisation of producers or maybe leasing the land if you cannot cultivate it.

In some recents talks with producers, some said that the authorities must do something to cure the drought. This reminded me of former ex-minister of Agriculture that responded to a farmer that was angry that it’s bees didn’t produce honey like in the previous year. He said that “what can the minister do, it cannot take the role of the bees and pollinate the flowers”.

I don’t say that the authorities are right, but I think that they could think of their own irrigations systems if they see that the Minister isn’t taking action or propose a common plan. But rely on God and authorities, these two aren’t going to transform our agriculture into a performing one.

I also have an example from my personal experience. In the summer time my parents take care of my grandparents. My dad waters the cucumbers and tomatoes every day. And there isn’t a day passing by that a man in the village isn’t passing by and saying that “why are you doing that, maybe it will rain”.

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Diet craze and butter

The soaring popularity of a fat-rich fad diet has depleted stocks of butter in Norway creating a looming Christmas culinary crisis.

Norwegians have eaten up the country’s entire stockpile of butter, partly as the result of a “low-carb” diet sweeping the Nordic nation which emphasizes a higher intake of fats.

Butter is now selling on Norway’s top auction website, with a 250-gram piece starting at around $13 (8.28 pounds), roughly four times its normal price.

In Romania, a normal piece of butter is somewhere under 2 euros and most of the products are only close to butter. Actually I don’t know if they are contain real butter as most Romanians preferĀ margarine, cause it is cheaper. Also the climate is hotter than in Norway so I think that the demand for fat-rich products is weaker.

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Smartphone de 100 de euro vandut la supermarket si adidasi la un euro

Companiile au pus ochii pe persoanele cu venituri mici. In Kenya, de exemplu, unde mai mult de trei sferturi din populatie traieste cu mai putin de 2 dolari pe zi, un telefon ieftin s-a vandut in mai mult de 350.000 de exemplare, scria recentĀ  Der Spiegel.

Iar acum, chinezii de la Huaweii vor sa reediteze succesul obtinut si vor aduce si in Europa un telefon Android la doar 100 de euro si care va fi vandut in magazinele Lidl.

Cei de la Adidas nu s-au lasat si au intrat si ei pe piata cu o oferta pentru cei cu buzunare mai mult goale. Astfel, presedintele Adidas, Herbert Hainer, a anuntat intr-un interviu ca grupul german de echipamente sportive va lansa, in India, o pereche de pantofi sport la pretul de un dolar (0,74 euro), dupa esecul aceluiasi proiect in Bangladesh, scrie AFP. Practic, ar putea avea succes zic eu. Mai ales ca, in India, clasa de mijloc este numeroasa si tinde sa isi creasca veniturile.

sursa foto:

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